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About Us

Silk Art since 2013
Creating from soul

The Finest Silk and Gorgeous Art

Linda has created some of the most fantastic hand made results and you can find  what your want in our shop.


Marbling produces amazing designs ranging from chevrons to the abstract. No two designs are exactly alike. Marbling is part art and part science. The thickened water mixture that the paint is dropped on needs to be thick enough to hold the paint and the paint has to be thin enough so it floats on top. Otherwise the paint sinks to the bottom.

Using multiple tools, the paint is moved into different patterns to make the final beautiful design. The designs made in marbling would be almost impossible to paint in other techniques. When you have a marbled scarf, you have uniquely designed wearable work of art.

Handmade Creations

I put a lot of thought, care, and love into all the designs I paint. I don’t make hundreds of the same t-shirt or kimono style top. The designs you buy from LMC will be produced in limited amounts and be unique.

When I’m painting on fabric, I lose all sense of time. It puts me in a state of bliss as I paint and see the design come alive. This was evident one night when I couldn’t sleep so I got up and started working on a scarf. As I finished up, I realized it was 6 am. It takes time to hand paint designs that show the artist’s touch.

I paint with professional quality silk dyes that are steamed after the painting is done. This permanently sets the dyes and brings out the vibrant color.

High quality fiber reactive dyes are used on the cotton t-shirts along with thin, high quality fabric paints that don’t change the feel of the soft cotton.