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About Linda

I’m a fabric artist who is mostly self taught. I create wearable art that I hope delights the person who wears it. My art is inspired by nature although I also use abstract and geometric designs in my products.  I love color and how it blends on the silk. I like to experiment with different painting techniques such as marbling and batik. These are old world techniques that I’m helping to keep alive in our digital world.  Marbling is an art form first invented in Turkey in the 15th century.

 Linda Mayer

Owner and Artist


The Creations


Hand painted and dyed cotton tshirts.


Luxurious hand painted silk scarves that will enchance any outfit.

Kimonos and Ponchos

Kimono style toppers and ponchos offer timeless fashion style and versatility. Wear it over jeans, capris, or a dress.

Home Goods

Tea towels, Tote bags, and Hand painted pillow covers.

Exclusive COllection

Custom Made Painted Silk
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I just received my first purchases from Linda Mayer Creations. I ordered the tote bag (2) with the robin and they are just beautiful! Highly recommend this shop!!

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